Why we're doing this

Veg-ucate illustrates healthy eating habits that are pivotal to a healthy diet. We noticed that in America, being obese and being overweight is very common and we wanted to fix that. Due to this dilemma, we’ve created a website that combats taboo ideas such as “there are no affordable healthy foods” and “more is better”. Our organization is concentrated on providing a space that endorses a healthier lifestyle through eating routines. Along with healthy eating habits, we also provide different techniques on how to prevent things like laziness, that would lead up to this issue. We want to also demonstrate how what you eat affects so many other things like weight, sleep, and even mood.

Our Problem:

America isn't doing the best with it's health.

Over half of adult Americans are obese or overweight. And it's only getting worse.
If fact, scientists estimate that by 2020 77.5% of Americans will be obese or overweight.
In fact, America is one of the most overweight countries, and they aren't doing much about it.
Which is understandable, it costs a lot to be healthy, right?


If provided with the right resources, Americans could be very heathly without breaking the bank.

Resources like Vegucate.

Some charts:

How American men & women are doing with it's weight as of 2015:

Percentages of overweight people in different countries (America is certainly not doing the best):

Reasons why Americans are not focusing on their nutritional health: